DIY: Sequin Elbow Patch Sweater

If you are on Pinterest you have seen a million different tutorials for this sequin elbow patch sweater. While doing research I almost gave up, they looked complicated and expensive. I believe DIY’s should not be more expensive than buying something similar than in store. After thinking about going to a fabric or craft store to find sequins or any type of sequin material, I had to pop into my thrift store first to get the sweaters to work off of.  I found this unflattering oversized tank top which I was not upset about cutting up for about $7.99. There is plenty left over for more projects too!

What you will need:


I made these sweaters for my 3 friends, each sweater I picked suited their style individually and ranged from chunky, to oversize and a longer fitted style that is shown below. I chose to use cream sweaters and brown/gold sequin, but the colour options are endless. Luckily I had 3 different options with this sequin tank top!


First I pinned down the elbow pad shape to the fabric and gently cut around it. I used Martha Stewarts Elbow Patch Tutorial Template


This fabric was tricky to deal with because of the knit. That is something to look out for, make sure you cut just a little bit more outside of the shape so that you don’t lose too many sequins.



I got help and put the sweater on to see where I would want the elbow pad placed and pinned it to the sweater and measured the same on both sides.

IMG_2005 IMG_2006


I took a needle and thread to hand sew the patch on. You can use glue but I doubt it will last as long and would be a bit messier when dealing with the sweater.


With the needle and thread I tied a knot at the end and started by going up through the sweater, this ensures the knot is hidden. Pull all the way through, you can trim the thread at the end.


You can see the difficulties with the fraying knit of the sequin fabric. To ensure it stays make sure the stitch is catching the frays down this may involved more closer stitching.


 You can see how the knit was fraying in the pictures below

IMG_2012 IMG_2013 IMG_2014

Continue the stitches all around the patch, and keep the pins in till the end.


Here is what the stitches will look like when your doneIMG_2016


Measure the other elbow out with the one you already stitched down.


Here is the finished product!

IMG_2021 IMG_2022 IMG_2023 IMG_2024

This tutorial may vary depending on the fabric you use for the sequins. Click here to view them others on Pinterest!

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 11.11.05 AM

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